Thursday, January 1, 2009

Whoops! I Hit Judy's Car!

September 10, 2008, I was backing out of my friend's driveway and little did I know she was coming home just as I was driving out! She thought she could make it in past me with me in motion. Unfortunately, I didn't see her.....I heard me run into her car! You may wonder how that could have anything at all to do with my blog purpose! I soon found out they just got their car back from the body shop the previous day from having it fixed where it had been dented from a previous accident on the same fender! I headed right down to "our" body shop--Fletch's Collision Center. (Everyone should have that kind of relationship with a body shop--soon I will be going to a different type of body shop!)

I'm sure you think I've lost my mind but stay with me as I head into my next post....I don't know if when you are blogging a history like this, if it should go in many posts or one long post, but I think it would be easier to follow if it is in separate this was the accident I'll go to the first visit to Fletch's chapter.

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