Thursday, January 1, 2009

Waiting for Bob's Tracker Door Molding--Same Day as Hitting Judy's Car

As we waited, I noticed the name of one of the guys working there was the same last name as one of the guys who Bob works with who has lost alot of weight from having gone through weight loss surgery. So, I asked him if he was related to Bob's fellow worker and why I was asking. His name is Herb and he is indeed related, he is Bob's fellow worker's son! As we talked, he told me he had had Roux en Y surgery and lost (I think) nearly 200 pounds in about 18 months. I can't remember those numbers for sure but they are close. He told me about Barix Clinic and I had contacted them before but my doctor wouldn't approve it and without his approval, the insurance would not approve it either. So that had been a dead end, but this certainly seemed like God was opening a window if not an entire door!

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