Thursday, January 1, 2009

Has Been the Season for Eating or Do I NEED an Excuse to Eat?

Well, now it seems like everything to me is "The Last Supper"...the last time I can have this or that and this and that. I have gained weight instead of losing weight. The paperwork said to try not to gain; yeah, right! I plan to start Weight Watchers again on Tuesday (meeting day here) to help lose some of the recent gain if not all of it. There is a four week pass.......and there are six Tuesdays up until surgery! That makes it sound so soon! The sixth Tuesday is the day before surgery, so I will go for five Tuesdays. In my online WLS groups, they say if you can lose before surgery, it helps to reduce the size of your liver, giving the surgeon more room to do what he has to do with less possibility of nicking the liver.

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  1. Hey Susan,
    Love your blog. I sense some real core self-hate issues and I am hoping that as the weight drops the cloud will lift for you. You are charming, funny, inquisitive and beautiful. Be kind to yourself! You are a child of God and you are loved.