Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ankle Cast/Brace

I went to see the orthopedic doc yesterday. He confirmed Posterior Tibial Tendonitis. He put me in an ankle cast/brace. He wanted to do a real cast but I balked because of my surgery coming up. I'm supposed to be in it for 6-8 weeks but I can already tell it is goofing up my knee, hips and back. He also looked at my knee and said there might be a miniscus tear which is causing it to lock. He wants me to get through my bypass surgery before we do any MRIs on either my ankle or knee. Maybe this brace will train that tendon to get into the right place. They are getting an ankle/foot surgeon on their team in August and so he said that might be what I will end up having to do. He said there is no hurry for any of this; other than my discomfort. It is much better than it was almost a month ago when this started with my ankle. But I'm on celebrex which I can't take after surgery nor after two weeks before surgery.

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