Thursday, January 1, 2009

Study, E-mails, Phone Calls, Etc.

I read online; I e-mailed; I asked questions; I joined weight loss surgery groups online. I checked my BMI (Body Mass Index) which was hovering right around 40...under 40 and Herb had told me you had to have co-morbidities to be approved and with my issues of sleep apnea and hypertension, I was definitely a candidate for surgery.

Barix Clinic called me and scheduled an initial consultation appointment. I figured they would be scheduling out at least three months or so for these and she asked me, "Would Monday, September 22 work for you or is ________ better?" I said, "September 22 is GREAT as we will be half way to Ypsilanti that weekend already since we have tickets to a show in Midland on Friday, September 19." This was great since Bob works every other weekend and actually he is off for six days in a row when he is off so I knew he would be off that Monday, too! I would have to take that day off work but that was fine.

Things were moving FAST! I couldn't believe it. They assured me that if my doctor wouldn't agree that they would figure out a way to get me approved through their doctors--which I now can interpret as they would have put me on a six month medically supervised diet and then I would qualify with the insurance.

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