Thursday, January 1, 2009

2nd Fletch's Visit--Same Day as Hitting Judy's Car

So, after Bob got home from work, we each drove down to Fletch's and as I got out, I looked at the molding on his door and it was falling off. I asked him, "Isn't that the door Fletch's repaired after you hit the deer?" He said, "Yes." I said, "Then we need to have them fix that; that's not right for that to be falling off." So, amidst doing the paperwork for my car to be fixed, I asked them about Bob's car and they said they 100% warranty their work for as long as you own the car and they want to always make every repair right. They asked if we had time right then to wait for it to be reattached properly. (By the way, it's starting to fall off again.....................I wonder what God has in store for us when we go have it glued on again!)

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