Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This is the Barix Clinic building or Forest Health Medical.

Layout of second room was the last room to the left of the "You Are Here" arrow (or if you can't see it very well--look for the red blob toward the top of the diagram).

DAY TWO: You want me to get up? I'm very content to just lay here, actually.

Just outside my room now: You want me to walk HOW FAR? You've got to be kidding. I'm ready for another nap.

BJ stayed close by mom to be sure I didn't fall. Let's will just have to picture THAT in your mind.

Much of this day was spent with me hearing, "Mom/Susan, you've got to wake up!!" My reply, "I am awake." But I was really thinking, "Now, just be quiet and let me go back to sleep." Bob continued his reading of the book The Shack while waiting for me to wake up and hopefully be discharged so we could go home, since I was only supposed to be in overnight. Well, that didn't happen until Day 3 which I will put in another entry! (He started and finished that book, during this hospital stay. He says as everyone does, who have read it, that it is a very good book.)

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  1. I think coming out of the anesthesia was the worst part of the surgery for me. Glad you made it through with very little difficulty. Thanks for the posting of the pics. I had none taken except on the hubby's cell phone and they weren't flattering at all! Take care and looking forward to reading more about your progress.