Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The guys waited in the waiting room..............and as two hours went by, Bob said he was getting pretty nervous. At the three hour mark, Dr. Nunn came out to talk to them, providing a much needed feeling of relief for Bob that all was okay.

Dr. Nunn explained that he had repaired my moderate sized hyaetal hernia (diagnosed as small) and that my stomach was pushed way up into my chest wall and he had to "bring it down". That took an extra hour and he apologized for the delay. He said I would be up to the floor out of the recovery room in about 45 minutes and they could come up to see me.

I don't even recall being wheeled into my room, but here's how my room and I looked at first. One of the wonderful nurses is over to the left looking at my chart. This is Meela.....although I could never remember it correctly and always called her Meeka (I think I have those names in the right order now but wouldn't bet the farm on it!)..............I talked to her on the phone a few days after getting home and ONLY then realized that I had been wrong all along; she must have just given up on me and let me call her by the wrong name! She was a hoot! I'll put some more of my stylish in the hospital pictures below.
I don't remember this either; but I do remember being in pain, pushing the button for morphine, wanting to move but not wanting to move and being thirsty as all get out.
You can't have anything to drink until after they do a barium X-ray to make sure you don't have any leaks! So sucking on these swabs dipped in ice water and ice chips were the only source to get some wetness in my mouth.

It's time to get you up for X-ray and for a little walk. My willingness to go was ONLY because I wanted something to drink.

I made it half way across the room and that was enough. Back to bed and then the X-ray guy came with the wheel chair. Quite a hoot down in X-ray; hold on to this box up here--as I am still falling asleep; now drink this down quickly--egads! First thing I get to drink and it is nasty, gritty stuff.....with no water chaser either! But I was now good to go and could have a drink at last!

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